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  • Victor Masivi

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

The explosion of Internet use, while a reminder of how useful this communication is, has come with challenges: Information being stolen by bad actors. This situation is not easy to address, but one thing to do to increase some security is to use a "Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)".

2FA is a double authentication to access a service. A lot of organizations, including Facebook, are now providing this extra security measure. The way it works is simple. You have your regular username and password to access a service, and prior authentication, you are being required to provide a code that is sent to you either via text on your previously registered phone or your preferred email. This way, bad actors will be kept at bay while still securely able to access your info.

In most of the circumstances, to use 2FA, you need to opt-in. 2FA is not a security panacea but it is one great way to mitigate the risk of having unauthorized account access. Think about it...

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